CALL: 905.882.4275

CALL: 905.882.4275

Mission Statement

"Condominium living is your lifestyle.  Condominium management is our business."

Having celebrated our 30th year in business Times Property Management continues to lead the condominium community with honesty, integrity, knowledge, efficiency and respect.  When you speak, we listen.

Our objective is to protect the investments of owners while enhancing the lifestyle of the residents. We are able to accomplish this through the implementation of routine and proactive maintenance measures designed to extend life cycles of key building components.   By reducing premature material failures and introducing energy efficiency initiatives, we deliver realistic and cost effective draft budgets to Boards where they can make informed decisions.

ACMO 2000 Certified, Times Property Management utilizes best practice industry standards and tested tools in all aspects of building management with a key focus on fiscal control, preventive maintenance and quality living.