CALL: 905.882.4275

CALL: 905.882.4275


"My congratulations and compliments to the Times Property Management Team (TPM) on the marked improvements I have seen in the 5 years.

The improvements I have seen include: the setting up of a committee and the selection of the directors from resident owners; the issuing of a newsletter of what’s going on and what’s happening in the building. Reported problems are acted on and taken care of promptly; the corridor areas, the elevators are cleaned regularly. The garage floor and the exterior windows are washed yearly and the whole building looks and feels cleaner day in and day out. The swimming pool has been retiled, damaged garage door has been replaced twice, railing put up outside the swimming pool to stop people from entering the building through the swimming pool patio door and seasonal furniture.

TPM has also responded to numerous complaints about irresponsible residents smoking in the stairwells and tossing cigarette butts from their balcony.

TPM truly shines as they have a large stable of qualified personnel to ensure that everything in and around the building is attractive and well maintained. TPM is also willing to work with individual property owners to ensure that they have a good fit and their condominium living experience smooth and easy.

The right property management team can make all the difference."


"We have been residents of Eden Park since July 2011. During this time, we have been very happy with the past and current Times Property Management Team (TPM). Over the last four years, there have been significant improvements to the Condominium Community. We have seen a new garage door, the water proofing of the garage entrance and the installation of the privacy gate separating our backyard from the public park, just to name a few.

We also recognize the more proactive approach of the current Management Team on the property. This approach allows them to get ahead of issues and concerns as they arise by listening, observing and interacting directly with residents.

What we appreciated the most was the ability of the TPM to influence the City of Markham for the installation of a 4 way stop sign at the intersection of Times Ave. and South Park Road. This ensures the safety of all residents in the area.

Overall, we are very happy with the responsiveness and active management of TPM. We look forward to the continued improvements they make to our community."


"If I have less than 30 seconds to tell Times Property Management Team about you. This is what I want them to know:

  • Outstanding professionalism with expert knowledge in property management.
  • Diligent worker, extremely helpful, and quick to respond with respect to all matter and issue, even on weekends.
  • Incredible work ethic, strong communicator and an open & honest relationship with residents."


"I have been renting a unit for the past year and a half and Times Property Management Team (TPM) has been nothing but accommodating the entire time I lived here.

I have had numerous inquiries about the guest suite rental, and TPM has been very efficient and accommodating to meet my last minute requests. I had some issues regarding to my unit and TPM was very efficient in making sure my issues were resolved in a timely manner, most times within the same day of my concern. TPM always tries to accommodate its residents, whether renters or owners.

TPM always ensures the building is well maintained, with respect to the pool and changing rooms, the elevators and hallways, and the outside facade of the building. The addition of the railing outside of the swimming pool is very comforting knowing they take security seriously within the building to ensure no unwelcomed guests. The addition of seasonal furniture shows that TPM care about their residents and want them to feel at home."


"It gives me great pleasure to write something to commend the Times Property Management team. The TPM staff are the people who help forge our prestige living. This team always handles issues with courtesy and care. As a townhouse resident and also as a Board member, I work closely with TPM team. I find all of them knowledgeable, hardworking, responsive and trustworthy. Despite being a moderately new condo complex, we have had issues ranging from services to hardware but these TPM staffs have tackled each one of them with care and expertise to meet the needs of the residents. They have done an outstanding job in upgrading and improving the living quality at the Building. I take pride in my neighbourhood and this would not be possible without the TPM team. Bravo and please keep up the good work."


"I am pleased to say that the onsite property management has always been thorough, highly professional, knowledgeable and committed to providing the best service to the residents here. If there is ever a problem, TPM staff demonstrates their considerable knowledge and depth of experience to resolve issues immediately. All communication has been prompt and efficient. Not only do they take care of issues, they care and value about residents here. The property management here is the most professional and effective management team ever and they are phenomenal people and I am very lucky to reside here."