CALL: 905.882.4275

CALL: 905.882.4275

Repairs & Maintenance

We offer condominium boutique services and as well specialize in the management of all types of condominium corporations.  Times Property Management is "Your peace of mind Management Company"!

With our hands-on approach Times Property Management (TPM) will care for your assets according to legal and industry best practices. With over 30 years of well-respected property management experience, TPM is a service driven company with staff that are skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated to the management of your property.

Our professional services include but are not limited to:

Maintenance Management Services

About Times Property

  • Supervise the General Custodial Duties and Maintenance of the Property at all times
  • Respond to Maintenance Requests and Repairs by Residents
  • Oversee the Appearance of the Interior/Exterior of the Property as well as all Landscaping, Lawns, Driveways and Walkways through the use of Third Party Contractors
  • Overseeing all Security Matters of the Property including Fire Safety, Alarm Systems (In Suite & Common Elements), Entrances, Exits, Doors, Windows, Light Fixtures and Related Repairs
  • Scheduling and Supervising the Maintenance of all Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Thermostats, Building Sprinkler System, HVAC, Boilers and Machinery
  • 24/7 Response to Emergency Calls relating to Building Maintenance
  • Regular Garbage Removal and Recycling, Hazardous Waste Material Disposal and their Timely Pickup.
  • Available to Owners and Residents for General Inquiries about Building Operations, Garbage Removal Policies and Schedules, Timely Notices, Storage Concerns and all other matters
  • Specialize in Managing LEED Certified Properties; Project Management of Building and Lighting Retrofits; Cladding and Garage Restoration, and Corridor Refurbishment